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Mrs. Karuna Gopal
President Foundation for Futuristic Cities.
Mrs. Karuna Gopal - President Foundation for Futuristic Cities
"Incredible India and an India with incredible problems", these were the two pictures put across the Youth Assembly 2008, by Mrs. Karuna Gopal. She is the president of the Foundation for the Futuristic Cities and the Finalist of the Lead India Contest organized by the Times of India.
On regard to the first image, she sparked a new thought process when she emphasized that India was once just considered back support for processing data. But today it is a knowledge centre, destined to progress. And to prove this she gave enumerable examples. In view of the second image, she spoke about the two problems that every developing country faces - Growth and Youth problems.
Mrs. Gopal tilted the angles of thought to make people realize that growth is like a double edged sword. With good things like technology and comfort it also brings bad things like pollution. She informed and educated the assembly on the causes and solutions to these major problems. On the other problem she expressed great compassion. She enlightened the audience about some major youth problems, like Condom usage, Dieting and depression. She incredibly took a step forward and also informed some amazing ways to tackle them. On the outset it turned out to be one of the most inspiring and thrilling conversations of the 1 st Youth Assembly of Hyderabad.
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